22 07 17

Well, ladies and gentlemen, it’s Saturday. This probably means that you got out of bed this morning, happy and joyful, quickly assembled your clothes, had 

some breakfast and quickly drove to work to come back home early in the afternoon. As for me, I have always felt the pain of working from Monday to 

 Saturday.I have also felt the happiness and the excitement on Saturday knowing that you get to enjoy the weekend. So, I know that Monday mornings are quite 

grueling while Saturday mornings and fun and exciting. Most of the times, when I do not have anything to do on Saturday evenings or Sunday mornings, I decided

to steal the idea of writing a column. I love writing because it is something that helps me in being away from my busy life for some time

at least. So, now that I have told you that I love writing and I write for columns, you might be wondering what topic I would be covering today, right?

But do not get your hopes up as this was not that special luxurious Audi that people own, the ones with fender flares and the size of a baby elephant. Mine was in no ways a special Audi. Mine was an old A4 in an unfortunate purple color devised by an Audi employee who had already got a job offer from BMW. There were some flaws in my Audi. Since it was an old Audi, it did not feature modern gadgets such as a USB port and iPod interface. It featured cassette player. So I managed to get those iPod to record devices giving me the flexibility of hooking up my iPod to the cassette tape. My A4 set out an alarm if it was parked with open windows. The LCD screen in the gauge cluster displayed all vehicular functions. It is to be noted that my college Audi featured four rings on the hood and this was enough for the people to think that I was quite wealthy.