21 07 17

This was quite strange. I gradually picked up many friends because they thought that just because I had an Audi, I was too wealthy. I also picked up many friends who did not own a single car, and they would invariably open the door, have a seat and make certain comments like “Oh, you own an Audi!” This was the same tonea tribesman would use if he experienced air conditioning for the first time, there were many people in my college who through that I was nothing less than an exotic chauffeur driving them around in a dreamy and beautiful luxury car. However, in reality,

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I was just a guy riding a used luxury car with an iPod that dangled from the cassette player. One of the craziest parts about all this was I did not have my family spending a single penny for the vehicle. The price is not the craziest thing about my Audi but the oooh and the aaah of the people over my Audi was something that I found absurd. Many possessed vehicles far more expensive than mine, but only because I owned an Audi, I was on top of the world. This is true even today. Get a used BMW for attending an event where another guy comes with a brand new Honda Accord and you will find everyone fawning over the BMW. This happens in spite of the fact that the Honda Accord is worth 3x much more than the used BMW and even comes with Supermax cameras.

Moral of the Story

The moral of the story is that if you want people to think that you are rich enough, then the only thing that you need to do is spend some money on buying a used luxury vehicle.